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For all orders containing custom items you will be asked to provide detailed explanation or sketches of the requested design. Once the customization and artwork has been approved you will receive an invoice. Manufacturing will only begin when the full payment is received. Shipping costs will depend on the weight of the order and the date you need it by. Please take into account that if you order from another country than Switzerland, customs taxes and the VAT of your country can be charged at the reception of the package. You can also choose to come and pick up your order at Spirit Fever showroom without shipping cost. However, Spirit Fever is not responsible for fees that might occur when the passing the border.
Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.

Spirit Fever deliver the worldwide, without exception. Please note that delivery time for Italy is longer than other countries.


Once you’ve picked the design, placed the order and send complete payment, the average manufacturing time is from 4 to 8 weeks. And shipping time is 1 to 2 weeks depending on the destination and type of shipping that you chose.
Please note that orders placed between November and March may have a production time increased by up to 4 additional weeks. To receive your order for March or April it is recommended to finalize and pay the order before the end of December.
Keep in mind that the uniform design process with photo manipulation and prototype can take several months. The creation of the prototype itself can take up to 3 months. If you need uniforms quickly, it is best to choose a design from the catalog and only adapt the colors and the lettering to your team.

To deliver at lower cost, we use the Swiss Post. However, if you wish to receive your order urgently, please contact us and ask to use DHL, which is much more expensive than the Post but much faster and you can track the shipment.

It is possible to place an "Express" order. Rates depends of the level of the priority of your order:

- Up to 2 weeks, an increase of 75% of the price

- From 2 to 3 weeks, an increase of 50% of the price

- From 3 to 4 weeks, an increase of 25% of the price

Please note that some items cannot be ordered in "Express". Please contact us for more details.

If the package is less than 2kg, the shipping deadlines may be later than the dates indicated.


We accept the following payment methods:
Bank transfer to:


CCP 12-500039-5
IBAN CH25 0900 0000 1250 0039 5


Spirit Fever Brands Sàrl
Avenue du Temple 14
1020 Renens

Credit card

through Paypal to paypal@spirit-fever.com (+5%)
We do not accept checks.



Custom or worn items cannot be returned or exchanged. We do not accept exchanges for orders not fitted with the sizing kit.
Cancellations are not accepted for custom manufactured items.
To return the prototype or the sizing kit, please check “gift” or “return of goods” and a value under 40 CHF in the customs declaration.



We gladly create a uniform based on your drawings. The first stage is the creation of a photomontage with the uniform on a real person. You can do as many changes as you want until you are completely satisfied. Then, if you have time, it is possible to make a real prototype of the uniform. We manufacture it and send it to you so you can see it and try it. If you are completely satisfied, you can keep the prototype and it will be invoiced together with the other uniforms of the order at the same price. If you want to make changes, you send it back to us within 10 days at your cost. You then tell us what the modifications to do before the production are. It is not possible to make another prototype. The corrections will be made on the photomontage.
Most of the new uniforms that we create are displayed in the Spirit Fever Fashion catalog. If you do not wish your design to appear in it, please let us know.


We recommend that you order our sizing kit to ensure perfect fit. It consists of one standard uniform of each size. The sizing kit is shipped free of charge but you have to send it back at your own charge within 10 days. You will be informed if you need to ship it back to Spirit Fever or to the next team.
However if you do not choose to rely on the sizing kit and prefer measuring the team members, Spirit Fever will not exchange uniforms that do not fit. In that case, please refer to the chart on the back and provide us with clothes sizes and not people’s measurements. For shoes, please always mention the US size.


You can ask for samples of materials and colors (fabric, pompons…). They will be sent to you at no cost.
If you wish samples of clothing or accessories, we send it at no cost (if the article is in stock) but you must send it back within 10 days. If not the price of the article will be charged.
For size sample, for example for shoes, you can place a first order with only one piece of each size. Then you send back at your cost the pieces that didn’t fit and order the rest of the sizes needed.



Most of the articles have washing instructions written on the label. To better care to the delicate fabrics and prints, it is best to wash at cold temperature (maximum 40°) and allow to air dry (avoid the dryer). Hand wash is recommended for very delicate materials. Rubbing and use of too hot water can damage materials like metallic fabric, sequin and rhinestones.


We are not responsible for the loss of the package if you have chosen a shipping option without a tracking number.



Do you need a quote? Do you have a question? Do you want a special design or product you don’t see in the catalog? We would be happy to assist you. Please contact us and we will help you design the item of your dreams.
Web: http://fashion.spirit-fever.com
Phone: +41 78 660 68 22
Email: shop@spirit-fever.com

Address: (only for shipping)
Spirit Fever
Avenue du Temple 14
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